The Top Lead Generation Techniques For Your Business

The Top Lead Generation Techniques For Your Business

The Top Lead Generation Techniques For Your Business

In this lead generation guide, you're going to learn the two different types of lead generation techniques you should be using to grow your business and four actionable strategies. And when you stick around to the end, i'll be sharing with you the best type of lead magnet with all of these strategies. 

As we go through the two techniques and the four strategies, you're going to want to choose a combination of one, to really focus on and become an expert with, because of a Jack of all trades is really not a good recipe for marketing success.

The Top Lead Generation Techniques For Your Business

Before we talk about those techniques and strategies, let's go ahead and talk about where this applies in our customer journey. We have prospects and audience members at the top, and these are simply people who we don't have their contact information from yet, or they haven't raised their hand and said: "yes, i'm really interested in your product or service"; so all we're trying to do here is take someone who doesn't know who you are or has some level of awareness and collect their contact information and get them to raise their hand saying: "yes, i'm in interested in your product or service". And that's all the lead generation process is designed to do. It doesn't need to be more complicated than that.

Lead Generation Techniques Types:

There are two different types of techniques you can follow, you can have the active or seeking, or you could have the passive or magnet:

The Active Technique (Seeking)

With the active technique, you're actively meeting ideal customer where they are, and then you're bringing them into the sales conversation. You're being proactive and you're actively looking and starting those conversations.

The Passive Technique (Attract)

Whereas the passive technique, you're creating a magnet of some kind, you are trying to attract your ideal customer to you. So you're creating or making something, and then you are kind of sitting back and you're just waiting for people to come over to you.

Now it's important to note that neither of these is inferior to the other, despite what you may have seen or read, they both work, what's most important is you choose one type and one specific strategy for that technique and focusing on becoming the best you can at that one, because you don't want to spread yourself too thin.

Lead Generation Strategies:

Let's go ahead and go through four actionable strategies, giving these two techniques:

The Active Technique:

    1. Emails

What you do here is you're going to use some sort of technique or strategy via Linkedin or paying for a lead service, where you get contact information of your ideal customer. So you actively go do your research or use some sort of scraping software to find those emails, and then send them a cold email. And that's all there is to this cold email process.

So as soon as you get the response, that counts as someone raising their hand. And that is where someone becomes a lead in that process.

    2. Ads

This is where you can immediately go out and find your ideal customer. The main advertising platforms you have to choose from are going to be: Facebook ads, Google ads, Google/YouTube ads. And then we have Pinterest and Snapchat

I highly recommend, if you're new to advertising and you have hundreds of dollars a month to spend, not thousands. Then start with Facebook ads. If you have thousands of dollars, then you can check out Google ads. Although I don't recommend people who are brand new to digital marketing starting there, because it's very competitive. Although you'll see the highest immediate ROI with Google ads, you just have to have a lot of money to get it started and by a lot, i mean 3,000 to 5,000 a month in ad spend. If you're at a couple of hundred stick with something like Facebook, Pinterest, or even Snapchat and Ensure that Your Media Plan Is Effective and The Budget is Efficiently Used.

The Passive Technique:

    1. Videos

We're going to talk about the second largest search engine, and that is YouTube. So most of attraction marketing comes down to content marketing, which is creating something valuable that your ideal customer would actually want to engage with or find value in.

What's very important is there is this misconception with content marketing and even social media marketing, where it's supposed to be all about how great you are, or your product, your services, and how awesome the results you can get for your ideal customer. Well, that's really not the way to do it, because when your ideal customer watches that type of content, all they hear is "i'm awesome, give me money", which is not something we want to do. With YouTube videos, you want to create a piece of content that has really nothing to do with you as a business owner or influencer or entrepreneur, and has everything to do with the problems and type of content that your ideal customer would engage with.

So let's go through a concrete example. Some successful marketing agencies offer a lot of paid traffic management. So what they do on their channels is they create a lot of in-depth tutorials and guides around Google advertising and YouTube advertising. Nowhere in any of their videos, do they talk about their paid services or paid products. Instead, they focus on creating the best type of content they can in these particular videos, and then allow YouTube to serve it to their ideal customers. 99.9% of the people who watch those tutorials, whether it's an in depth tutorial, or just talking about mistakes that they're making with their advertising, don't ever contact them. It's that 0.01% that contacts them and that small percentage of people is what makes this entire strategy profitable.

Now, of course, the huge downside is you're putting 40 + hours into one video, and then you're sitting back and waiting. Some of their videos took over six months to a year to actually start producing results, but something that's so powerful with these is that 0.01% will watch the video. You've built rapport. You've proven and demonstrated you can be helpful and they'll go fill out the contact form on your site. That's as simple as this process is, and it's as complex as this process has to be. Some of these videos are responsible for tens of thousands of dollars in agency revenue, simply by using this simple process of creating something awesome and great, not self-promoting and allowing the customer to raise their hand and say: "Hey, maybe i think these people can be helpful". Of course you do have to sit back and it is going to take a while.

    2. Posts

The number one search engine on the attract side. And it's technically going to be Google again, because they own YouTube as well. And that's going to be Google search. So if the prospect of jumping on camera, doesn't excite you or you don't want to spend 40 hours of your time making some in-depth YouTube tutorial and you want to be on the attract side of lead generation, then creating in depth blog posts 2000 to 3000 words is going to be your best bet. Now, one of the advantages of doing it this way is you don't actually have to physically write it; if you have the budget, you can hire a great writer to do those 2000 to 3000 words blog posts.

It's important to note though, those 50 to 500 words blog posts that you may see advertise. They're not going to do anything. They're not going to rank. They're really a waste of time. That's like search engine an optimization 1.0 at this point that may have worked 10 years ago but it definitely doesn't work now because it is incredibly hard to rank on Google, but when you choose your right topics and you follow the techniques of SEO, you will find success with your attraction marketing in text form. So that does it for our four different strategies for the two different techniques.

Now, irrespective of which one of these ones you choose, it's important that you choose one to focus on, because you really want to become the expert on one of them. Again, they all work, no one technique or strategy is inferior to the other. It's just based upon your business and the type of person you are as a business owner and marketer, because you want to choose one that is in line with what you're good at.


What is the best way to actually convert all of these people into leads? who are open and ready to potentially do business with us?. The way to answer this is by driving all of your traffic to something called a landing page. So instead of waiting for people to fill out the contact form on your site or driving traffic to your homepage, you're going to want to create a specific, special page where when people come to it, the only thing they can do is give you their contact information.

This is going to work for three of the four strategies, obviously with cold email, you're already in the sales process. You don't need to send them to a landing page to collect their email. Again, you've already got the email, just continue the sales conversation there. But if you're running traffic or you're doing Google or YouTube, then you're going to want to send those people over to a specific page that offers something of value in exchange for their contact information. And this is where you're being significantly more active in collecting that contact information.

There is one specific type of lead magnet or offer you can make on this page that works really well for lead generation. And that is some sort of audit report or case study. These types of PDFs do really well when it comes to lead generation. Of course we would either use an ad to show this audit, like we have with YouTube ads, or we could link it up in the description below our video to help people take the next step.

Make sure you check out all of those detailed articles on our blog just like this one to help you with your digital marketing and lead generation. And until the next, keep building the business you love.



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Golden Ava - Blogging About Just Everything: The Top Lead Generation Techniques For Your Business
The Top Lead Generation Techniques For Your Business
In this lead generation guide, you're going to learn the two different types of lead generation techniques you should be using and four strategies
Golden Ava - Blogging About Just Everything
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